Event: Stadium Stomp    
Locations: MCG, SCG, Gabba, Adelaide Oval and Eden Park (NZ)  
Year: Since 2013  
Client: King Performance Events owned  
Charity: Various


Stadium Stomp takes stair climbing and endurance events to a whole new level.  It is Australia’s longest consecutive stair climb challenge held at Australia’s most revered sporting stadiums.


•    12,000+ participants
•    Over $800,000 raised for charity to date
•    500+ volunteers
•    Excellent Social media engagement
•    72% female participation
•    60% aged 26-45yrs
•    99% considered the course safe
•    96% say they are likely to participant in the event again

James Kearney Stadium Stomp 2018-81.jpg


Here’s what some of the participants had to say:

“Best organised event I have been too.  Loved it.  Thank you for all your hard work volunteers and organisers, it really was something special”

 “We were so impressed with the way the event was run and planned out.  Signage was great, volunteers were helpful and supportive and overall an awesome challenging event.  Would definitely do it again and would recommend to people.  So great job organisers.”

 “What a fantastic event!  Thank you so much to all the volunteers, they were so enthusiastic and wonderful.”

“Very well organised event.  Glad I made a last minute decision today to get it done.”

 “Maaaaaagic see ya next year AWESOME job from volunteers”

“All of the volunteers were so encouraging (like our own personal cheer squad) and so helpful.  Bring on the next one!!!”